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Unlimited YOU Education 

Inspiration Experience


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Unlimited YOU Education
Inspiration Experience

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Unlimited YOU Education Inspiration UYE


I am Sharing Some of my Inspirations I have received in UYE Unlimited YOU Education


 Some of my Inspirations I have received in UYE Unlimited YOU Education…




UYE Unlimited YOU Education Inspiration


Inspiration_Focus on Knowledge_The Way For Change


Ever felt like Life wasn’t Fair? 

   What was You Promised in Life that You are not receiving?



 We was not promised anything in Life …


 So if Life is seeming ‘not fair’ or You don’t Like the things that is happening around You….
There is something that You can do to Change this.

You can use Your Energy to keep struggling in a Non Ending Battle, or

Use that same Energy to be Focused on What You want and would like to have around You.

The Power for Change is not from Money or being ‘Born with a Silver Spoon in Your Mouth’ …

To have the Power for Change is to Focus on ‘Knowledge’ … Nothing in this World is more Powerful than Knowledge, not even money.

Once you have obtained knowledge, it is with you forever and can not be taken from You or held over Your head for any reason.

Gain the ‘Knowledge’ for the Change You want to see, and ‘Focus’ on growing that Knowledge to make Change Happen !

‘Knowledge’ is very Powerful and this is why You must ‘Focus’ on all aspects of that Knowledge so it can be used at it’s Full Potential.

We are taught basic Knowledge from our Schools that we attend to by Law, but only enough Knowledge was available so You could be Educated to work Your whole Life for someone else’s Dream .

We now have the ability to gain the Knowledge to Live Our Dreams … and end this ‘Dead-End’ Life that has been provided for us to Live.

The Evidence is Clear, We do Deserve More Out of Life…

It will not an easy road to Make Change happen, it will be like ‘taking a path no others have traveled’, only knowing the End Results will keep You more Focused through this path.

Be strong, there is no Right or Wrong way to travel through the path we choose, as long as You Stay Focused on Growing with the Knowledge You Learn that will open all Barriers in the path.

Change is need NOW, so get Focused…..Find the Knowledge You seek …..And Live that Dream that You have always desired.


Lets Get Focused, Gain that Knowledge …..
And Let’s Change the World as We Know it !!!



UYE Inspiration_Knowledge is Power

UYE Unlimited YOU Education Inspiration


I wanted to give an Update on my 2015 Focus Map, I said I would give Updates and I Keep to my Word.
  I have been working hard sharing the Love I have for UYE to all that A seed can be Planted. It is easy when you are very Passionate about what You are doing.
I am excited for the Whole World to be able to experience the Power UYE can have in You…

  Another part of my 2015 Focus Map is to find a Better place for my family to live, and keep costs down for them.

 This is in the Works….We have found a home outside of this State we Live in Now.
We are Finally getting out of all this Mess that this State has been creating…
But it is going to be a job to get there, since I have lived here over 22 years and have accumulated few things.
 *This will give me a chance to go through What I need and Don’t need…

 I have also kept my vision of focus in Mind, I have a Dream and have been mapping it out for over a year now…..Having a Non-Profit  Animal Rescue on my property….

The house we found has the land for this to happen. It will take time, but my vision won’t change on having this.

 One Thing you never hear me talk about is ‘Money’ … For money is just a tool in life to make things happen…..
 I have been hit so hard in my State on this matter, leaving me with less than half I have been living on….
 This is something I know how to do…..Make Money…..But….In a
physically hard working sense.
  In order to make this happen for my Family…I have to walk away from the internet so I can do this for my family.
  I know the pain I will be in and how bad I will have to force myself to keep going…But it’s my Family, and I would Die to keep them safe ….

“It is not about ME!!!…..It is ALL about my Family!!!”

***Enough about ME……We all Live with some kind of problem in our Lives…..Mine is just a physical Disability, But I can overcome the Pain for my Family.

 This is about Focus !!! …

  My 2015 Focus Map is keeping me on Track……I am doing what I have planned to Focus on This Year !!!

 So, If You don’t see the Power You can have over your thoughts, Vision and focus for a whole Year !!!!

Think Again !!!!

UYE Love ….







UYE Unlimited YOU Education Inspiration

The saying ‘Share Your Passion, Because Passion is Addicting’ is the Truth !!!

UYE has become a Passion in my Life … from the Clarity I have received through Wrapping UYE around me.

I have tried many many ways of trying to explain how this is happened … and, Oh Boy, …
The words from the Heart just start flowing … I end up resighting a Book and over Inform them with All the Blessings and Joy I have received through UYE.
All I do is ending up Over Informing them and ‘scares’ them off…

I imagine this happens with everyone when trying to Explain their Passions.

I have tried writing down ‘minimal’ words trying to explain UYE ….and the Heart takes over and the words begin to flow….Even being aware of it I still couldn’t stop that ‘inner passion’ that UYE provided me….

I tried thinking of what I seen or heard that made that ‘Click’ in me with UYE. I figured that since it inspired me this way, then it definitely would others …

The UYE system was Shared with me on how it works and what can be done with UYE….

So I stepped up, and began Sharing different thing examples of what I have done or doing…..

I really believe I have found that Perfect Way ….

It is the ‘Interaction’ with UYE with others, the see How you found Clarity in Yourself.

When people are seeing or hearing something for the first time, in their minds they are thinking how it could be used in their Life and what Benefits there is in it for them…

The ones that You share with already have seen or see’s what has happened in Your Life, this shows the Benefits …
Then using UYE Mind Maps sharing enough to want more …. They get curious …. and want more….

I connected immediately the very first day when I was introduced to UYE, but I was looking for something like UYE at the time.
But the way it was share with me was so Powerful … I did put myself in seeing a Tool like this in my Life.

I know others will too…

I recently just shared a pic of an UYE Map … In the description I pasted the my UYE link to the Public Map from the UYE Library …
No more than an hour later, I had an Orientation Student sign up to view the Live UYE Map.

That easy, sharing my Passion instead of just a link ….

If people just could get the Clarity in their Life…imagine what kind of World we would begin to have…..

An UYE World ….Perfect ….

***I hope this helps with anyone stuck trying to Share UYE…Always remember …
What attracted YOU to UYE ….

Have an Unlimited Day
My UYE Family and Friends




UYE Unlimited YOU Education Inspiration


This Year, 2015, is The Year To Make THE Difference !!!

The Live Mind Maps that is in our UYE Education,is UYE’s Main Tool.
It has a ‘Unknown’ Power to bring Change in You and Everything You Do !!!

I Will Prove this throughout the Year using Me as the ‘Product’…

*I am a Product of Unlimited YOU Education !!! *

At the first of the Year, I made a ‘Focused, 2015 UYE Mind Map. I will use this UYE Map to show How Powerful UYE Mind Mapping Is ! …

At two weeks into the New Year, 01/13/2015, I have been Focused on what I want to accomplish through 2015. I have Stepped Up and have began to ‘Take Action’..

One of my Focused Keywords is Helping UYE Members Find Clarity in UYE….
I have been sharing All of What UYE has given me that lead to the Clarity in my Life.

UYE can not be explained How it works…It just Does, But first You have to ‘wrap’ UYE around You and Implement it in Your Life Daily.
Everyday You will start having Clarity in each and everything You do, These will add up to Total Clarity in Your Life and or/ Business.

I Dream of one Day that people will All be able to have that same Clarity in their Lives too…
Since I am a UYE Product, It is my Duty to ‘Display’ the Product for viewing How the Clarity is found.

Another ‘Focused’ Keyword in my Focused 2015 UYE Mind Map is ‘Bettering My Family’ …
Two Weeks…..The UYE Mapping has provided a Door for this to begin to happen.
My family Will get the Better Living They deserve !!!

*I just Love what UYE has done for my Life, and I am no one Special….(Well…maybe Unique, but We All are in our own way’s)

Live UYE Mind Mapping has so much influence on You, that I my Focused 2015 Map is already bringing the Change I have Focused on….

Wrap UYE around You, Take the Action where it is needed in Your Life…..

And Make THE Difference in Your Life that we ALL deserve….

Start Today !!!!

Love You All !!!

My UYE Family and Friends ….




UYE Unlimited YOU Education Inspiration

Here is a Truly Making THE Difference act that is done without Thinking about it.

I Learned something from Unlimited YOU Education that no one else most likely has not….
UYE came to me when I was Past ‘Rock-Bottom’ in Life ….Not so much in financial but in Life in general ….

*(One Day I will to write my Story, So only get pieces now…lol)

UYE Opened a door inside me … After unloading my Mind and Thoughts, getting it All organized in UYE Maps, I then started to actually see, feel and hear Life …..
I seen and heard things in others that I never have before …

I seen and felt their Heartaches ….
Thier Passions …
Thier Interests …
Their Ideas …
…etc …

When I started reading Posts in Social Media….I had read many that Inspired Me, like it was meant for them to write just for me….
I’m sure many here have felt this reading others Words ….

This is what Inspired me to Share from the Heart when I feel that …’Maybe I should Share’ …
I take my gut instinct, remove the maybe, and let the Words flow…..

If someone’s Words Inspire Others to be Better … ??? …

That IS Making THE Difference in Someones Life !!! …

Unlimited YOU Education is The Place to Share That Inspiration…

You don’t have to worry about a MLM Marketer PM a ‘Pitch’ to You !!!

**So I Encourage You to Share your Thoughts….Interests…Or What You are Working on or have completed….

***If It Inspires You … It WILL Inspire Others….***


Make_THE_Difference Inspiration

UYE Unlimited YOU Education Inspiration

Before I started using UYE Maps /With the Unlimited YOU Education….

I was very very antisocial…..

I am 47 years old, and never had a Facebook Account….Though I was and had been Marketing and Getting Learnings private…
No One-On-One at all….Never wanted to associate with anyone….

UYE brought something out in me…..I have become more social than I have ever in my Life !!! .. Love It !!! (If you can’t tell by our News Feed here … lol)
I get so Inspired just hearing Others get Clarity in their Lives …..
Or Achieve big Dreams they been having … Like Our Brutha Clayton…..(Awesome !!!)
Or Sarah with her Oils Project….
and even when Shikiah and Darva reached out to Vince because They wanted to Share Their Passion So Bad and Vince Stood up Like that True Leader and lent them that Helping Hand…..

So Inspirational Awesomeness !!!

Since I have been able to come out of my shell … (Thanks UYE ) …

Please Share some of Your Stories or Projects You are Fond of ….Please !!! …

I would Love to hear other stories here …. Other than mine …lol …

Set Yourself Free !!!!

We are Family Here !!!


Anti_Social_UYE_Social Inspiration


UYE Unlimited YOU Education Inspiration

Since the weather has been so so cold…..I haven’t been able to get to my PC where all my ‘Toy’s’ are stored ….
So this leaves me to just ‘Play’ with organizing ‘Life Map’ and building some more on my Laptop…

While ‘Playing’, I over heard my Boy talk about an application he put in for a JOB…(GRIEF !!!)

A Thought hit me out of nowhere …..or maybe just a Day Dream….

Imagine …… Submitting a ‘Resume’ … not the Standard Format that ‘One’ man came up with that … ‘This is The Way Its Done’ ….

But with a ‘Live UYE Resume Map’ …..

Think of the ‘Clarity’ one could get about You from this !!! ….

There is no ‘Right or Wrong’ way of being made….*Like with the ‘Standard long Boring look of ‘One’ man Idea of the Only Way of writing’ ….

Don’t get me Wrong, I love Standard Formulas ……But when it comes to people …
No ‘Two’ are alike, and a “Live UYE Resume Map” would be perfect for All !!!

It WILL be Awesome to see this One Day !!!


*Always Positive Thinking …
Unlimited YOU Education

ThinkOutsideBox Inspiration

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