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GetResponse are similar to any other Auto-Responder in email marketing service provider out there but its advance features are what makes it stand out. It not only provides powerful email marketing software but also provides enterprise level email analytics and easy to setup, beautiful landing pages.

There are a lot more features that it provides, but to keep things simple I have only reviewed the most important ones:

Easy setup.
No software to install or update – all done via web.
Easy interface to edit messages.
Very fast – email usually goes out and received within seconds of a request.
Customers can subscribe through an html form or through a blank email.
Can track those customers who opt-out of your email list.
Emails can be plain text, HTML, or attachments.
Technical Support via phone, email, live chat.



Aweber is such an example of this type of Auto-Responder programme, and an email programme should form the foundation of your on-line business. It’s that important. Idefinitely recommend making the investment in a good email system as it is your means to easily and regularly communicate with your customers about things that they are interested in.

Completely web-based.
Easy to edit your messages.
Sends messages on a pre-set schedule.
Emails are individualized with customer names.
Free customer service.
Provides 30 day money back guarantee.
Customer list for up to 10,000 for $19.95 month.
Excellent tech support.


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