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I would like to share what changed my life

Jim Boxell, UYE Training Facilitator/Entrepreneur/Internet Marketer



Indiana, United States, 23 January 2014


I wanted to start a business online and was learning as I went. Every time I put a project together I could never find all my documents that I need for it. Where I thought it was saved, there ended up being nothing there.

I ended up being more confused and was loosing a lot of cash in the process. I just couldn’t find a way to keep each project separately and together for each project.

I had a lot of personal stuff going on at the same time and with trying to keep up on my internet projects even kept me more confused all the way around.

This made me very unproductive, unorganized; everything in my life became a mess.

I stopped everything… but I couldn’t accept defeat. I continued learning what I could because I wanted to find a way to help others. If I was going through this, I knew had to be a lot more out there going through it to.

My whole life was about helping others until I was taken off work from an injury that put me on disability. For 23 years it ate at me not being able to help others. The feeling I feel inside when you’ve helped someone and they just keep thanking you is like a Million Dollar paycheck from each one.

I realized that I wasn’t ever going to feel that feeling again… I could not find anything worth using online to help others….

I started slowly not even getting back on my computer and was thinking this is hopeless trying to find something that I didn’t even knew if it existed or not.

On my cell phone one day, being bored, I thought I would check couple emails… The first one I opened in a while, It had a register for a Webinar… A lot of valuable learning I have received from Webinars so I registered to attend.

As the Webinar began, A gentleman named Tom Miller started sharing what his vision was. It was like he was ‘doing’ what I had been seeking… He was out to change the World through his Unlimited You Education. Tom was sharing his Life Maps on how this was going to happen and how it would change many lives in the way they live, work, and do business. Showed us how his to use his program in everyday life that will organize our life and free the stress from it all. What Tom was sharing you could just feel the power it has… I decided, one more chance…and jumped aboard.


After I started Mapping my life and started to notice how I started having more free time and the stress leaving from being so unorganized in Life.

I can see how it is affecting my life and how others are finally getting to what they want in their business.

I knew then this IS going to change many lives on and off line and in any business or dream they pursue.

I realized that this is it…what I’ve needed to help others again…

I am devoting everything I’ve learned and continuing learning all in using Unlimited You Education to help as many as I can.

UYE is an actual product that Will change many lives and that is what I’m all about.

If you ever get to speak to Tom, make sure you Thank him for everything he has done … He is an awesome person that cares for others, which is something rare online and in the real World.

Tom Is a Blessed person for sharing his dream, and I will do all I can for him so he can achieve that dream…..



Our motto is:

To Once and For All, Put a Stop To Being That 3 Second Fish, Swimming Around in Circles in Life,and Tap into That Unlimited Power You May Unknowingly Possess, Through Careful Execution of the Correct Tools and Success Concepts, and in the Process Have all Areas of Your Life Work For You.


(When you have wrapped UYE around you, the Company Motto is so clear to what you will have)


To all new way of life,


Jim Boxell



ps: What I have received in UYE is something that is not taught anywhere.


Where can you get the Education, The Tools, The Support to make you a better person in life, a better business, and have the Power to Succeed in anything you do.


UYE has gave me New direction in Life…One that I have control over not one that controls me.

I can see my goals clearer now, and easier to reach them now with the Proper Education.


I’m Ready to Make A Difference……


Join Us…..Help us Change The World




*It’s time to Make A Difference!


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Find out more about me




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